The Truth About Sitka Gear

The Truth About Sitka Gear

       The new age of waterfowl hunting has brought on a wave of innovative products to the sport. Each year you see a new product that is "guaranteed to kill more ducks". First it was the automatic shotgun (totally worth it), then the Mojo and other mechanical decoy variants, also breathable waders (again, totally worth it). Now there is one line of products that has totally polarized the world of hunting. Sitka Gear. Just hearing the mention of it is enough to send select hardcore hunters into a triggered rage. The aforementioned products I can say are 100 percent worth every dime. But what about the outrageously expensive hunting gear? Is it really worth it?

       Those of you who have hunted for a few years know the struggle. Should I wear this extra jacket just in case? Do I need an extra base layer? And so on. Many mornings are spent on those sneakily windy days wishing you had worn the extra layer. Finding that balance is crucial! Us boys from the south have a tendency to over estimate the cold. Travelling up north or out west, when you see 20 degrees on the radar it may as well be -20 to a good ole Alabama boy. We are NOT used to that weather. So of course, I'm piling on all the hunting gear I have to try and stay warm. You can always take off right? Now mallards are circling the hole and I'm over at my blind bag trying to get my outer layer back on because I'm freezing my balls off again, boom. Flared em. Every time. Surely someone has thought of a solution for this issue. 

       Sitka is that solution. I'm going to start this rant off by saying I was not always on the bandwagon. I never really liked the camo (though I can always appreciate the science behind it), and I thought it was a gimmick that would surely fade out or someone would expose something *leaks* similar to a few other brands who claimed to have it all figured out. I was perfectly happy with the gear I had until I wore the Duck Oven. The warmest jacket on the market by far, there is only one way to describe it.


       No more ten under shirts, three jackets, doubled pants, etc. If it is under 40 degrees, wear this jacket and a fleece and you will be more than warm. The Duck Oven is the single piece of gear that I personally believe is a must have if you are going to buy anything. Total game changer. 

       Now, I know where this has taken some readers minds and I may have lost a few by now,but if you are still here I want to be sure to mention that I am aware of the stigma that comes with Sitka...The price point it has almost become a status symbol in the waterfowl world. I'm not going to tell you I kill more ducks than you because I wear what I wear, but I will tell you that I am more comfortable. I don't feel the wind, I stay warm, and most of all I don't look like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man on a cold day. 

       So the truth about Sitka? Worth every penny. My dad always said, "buy once, cry once". Buy quality gear, you'll never be sorry. Buy this gear and you'll never have that thought of "Ah, I probably need a new jacket this year..." The cost of one jacket compared to the three you normally would wear is comparable anyways, but that's a talk you can have with your financial adviser. 

       **Disclaimer... This is in no way a paid advertisement. I am writing this as an original thought and am not influenced monetarily in any way. 

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  • the_dustybrown

    I don’t care what you wear. Just don’t complain to me when your waders are leaking and you’re too cold to pick up decoys. It’s not a status symbol to have a f350 diesel if your pulling a load of bulls to turn out. It’s a tool for a job.

  • Red

    You used the analogy of flaring ducks because you were trying to get your outer layer on while not wearing Sitka, but if you had take. Your Sitka jacket off and were trying to get it back on, you’d still flare birds.

  • Pete Little

    I completely disagree. I hunt on Wolfe Island. It is in the middle of Lake Ontario on the Canadian side. I know cold weather hunting and I know how to dress for it.
    I can tell you that base layers are far more important than any jacket you can buy even if it is a grossly over priced Sitka duck oven. Under armour makes the best base layers I’ve found and Helly Hanson is right behind.
    That’s my opinion.

  • Ross

    “buy once, cry once!” Love that saying! 👍🏼👍🏼

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