Essential Duck Hunting Items I Will Never Regret Buying

Essential Duck Hunting Items I Will Never Regret Buying

       There are some things in the duck blind that I can not live without. Sure there are the obvious choices like my shotgun, jackets, snacks, shells, etc... But there are a few lesser known items that over the years I have really started to notice can make a big impact on a hunt. Here are a few essential duck hunting items I would buy ten times over and never regret it.
  1. The Finisher

This piece of equipment is a lifesaver. If you haven’t seen it before, The Finisher is a small coin sized piece of metal with a sharp point jutting out that is meant to finish a wounded bird. Just as the name states, straight to the point. Poke this tool at the base of the duck’s skull right above where the spinal cord meets, swirl it around a bit, and you have a finished duck. No more windmill neck breaking, tree smashing, or whatever else medieval tortures y’all think of. Just insert and swish around a bit – Boom, done. It is small enough to hang on your lanyard, but easy enough to hold. All around great tool!


  1. Refillable Water Bottle

How many times have you gotten to the blind and forgot your water bottle? I did it all the time until I went ahead and spent the ten bucks to get a refillable water bottle. Nalgene makes a great one for example, and they have a little loop on the lid that secures to your bag if there’s not enough room inside. If you’re one of those “no blind bag, wear jeans and garbage bags on my boots” kinda guys it’ll also feed through your belt loop. But seriously, hydration is key, and this thing has come in handy!


  1. Tree hooks

Probably my most frequent purchase on this list because I lose at least three a year, the screw in tree hook. I could not life without these things. There are other great options out there like straps or bags that have straps integrated in, but you’ll never beat a good ole screw in hook. Much trustier in my opinion, yet I still give them the test pull before ever putting my camera bag on them…


  1. Crocs

One thing you’ll never regret buying. My wife may hate them, but camo crocs are a must in this household. Great for lounging and slow cruising while in two-wheel drive but flip that strap back over your heel and you’ve got on the best set of mud tires money can buy. Give them about a season to break in and you’ll never go back to muck boots or house shoes as your “before wader” shoe. As they say, “if you ain’t croc-in’ you ain’t rockin”.


  1. A bad@$$ hat

Finally, every man needs an awesome lid. Something that really shows off your passion and what you stand for each and every day. Branded hats have become a staple of your post hunt pictures, you may or may not wear it during the hunt, but everyone has that go-to hat they wear to show off their trophies. There are some great brands out there, I would be honored if you chose an All Gas Duck Club hat to be yours! As the great Ron Swanson said, "Buy one. Or don't. I am not a beggar."


As always, thank you for reading. During these weeks where some are out of jobs or income is tight, we are still using a percentage of proceeds from purchases to provide canned foods to a local food drive. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated. Stay safe everyone!

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